Senfronia Thompson Joins Protest of Macy's on Black Friday

by Durrel Douglas


While many of you were at home watching the annual Thanksgiving Parade or in line to take advantage of the Black Friday specials, dozens joined State Representative Senfronia Thompson to protest Macy's.  I got the chance to sit down with the legendary Texas State Representative to learn more about her bill that passed both the Texas House of Representatives and Senate, only to be blocked via veto by Governor Rick Perry.  

"For every dollar a man makes, a woman only makes 77 cents for the same work with the same experience," said Thompson who's the Dean of the women in the historic Texas House of Representatives.  She says her bill which passed the house and senate would've strengthened the Lilly Ledbetter Act signed into law by President Obama in 2009.  The bill had bipartisan support and should've been a no-brainer for Perry.  So, how did we end up in front of Macy's, you ask?

Ms. Thompson gave me a copy of the letter issued to Governor Perry's office by Macy's Senior Vice President Richard Cohen requesting he veto the legislation claiming "The federal requirements under the Lilly Ledbetter [Act] are unnecessary would would be harmful to Texas..."  

Since Macy's was the main culprit behind the veto, Thompson has since pulled out the "big guns."

Check out the video here: